It’s bigger than you think!

Saturday, April 15, 2017 we’re reaching out into our communities to make a positive impact. The idea is to get as many people as possible involved, pray together, and then everyone go to a restaurant for lunch.

We’ll fill the place giving them an unexpected sales bump for the afternoon, and bless the staff with a large tip on the way out.

It’s similar to the “Business Blast” outreaches we have done to build a relationship with area businesses and bless them, and our strategy of intentionally personally frequenting places to do the same things; purposely spreading God’s love and blessing in our everyday lives and activities.

The plan is to meet at RVCC-Lake Elmo if you want to carpool/caravan, and be on the road by 10am. We’ll get to RVCC-Grandy (see the map below) around 11am to pray, etc. Then we’ll all do lunch at 1:00pm and head home when we’re done.

Here is an audio clip of Pastor Jon explaining the concept Sunday morning:

RVCC-Grandy 37126 Highway 65 Stanchfield Corner, Minnesota


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