For over 14 years, Jamie Blanchard has been the heart and soul of the worship ministry at River Valley Christian Church. Her journey in worship ministry began at 16 years old, followed by ten years of dedicated volunteering both in youth worship and Sunday morning teams. In 2005, she graduated from the New Life School of Worship and in 2010 she was appointed as the Worship Ministry Director at RVCC. Jamie furthered her studies and graduated in 2022 from Charis Bible College. With a passion for nurturing talent and fostering genuine hearts turned towards Jesus in worship, Jamie has been instrumental in shaping the musical landscape of the church.

Jamie’s vision for the Worship Ministry at RVCC is clear: to create an environment where worship is authentic, heartfelt, and transformative. Her commitment to Jesus and her desire to facilitate genuine connection with Him define her purpose. Through mentorship and unwavering dedication, Jamie strives to help others encounter a real and living God and genuine worship of His worthy name.

In addition, she has a strong desire to build worship teams who will serve the Lord in church plants. Multiple teams have been started and launched into ministry via new church plants in the last few years. Jamie’s role extends beyond the confines of her church; she actively mentors worship leaders within the River Valley Fellowship of Ministries (a collection of churches via church planting), ensuring a ripple effect of inspiration and devotion to worshiping Jesus.

Jamie resides with her family in Andover, MN. Newly married in 2023, Jamie and her husband Michael are enjoying their new beginnings as they pursue the deeper things of The Lord together.