Name: Shiloh Goodwin

Nicknames: Beef, Smiles

How many siblings: 3 brothers

Obsessions: Watching the Packers, lifting weighted metal objects, video games.

What’s your favorite Bible verse: Matthew 19:14

What makes you happy: My wife, my dog, my Green Bay Packers (when they win)

What was the last book you read: Scary God-Mattie Montgomery

Last job: Teacher

Describe yourself in 3 words: Relaxed, Facetious, Sarcastic

Favorite band: Fit for a King

Favorite room in the house: Whatever room the 70 inch TV is in.

Favorite cartoon character: Roger from American Dad👽

Half full or half empty: Depends on the day!

What was your first car: 2005 Honda Odyssey (The Man Van)

Can you juggle: Yes, but only when no one is watching.

Were you named after anyone: No

What is your favorite lunch meat: Honey Ham

Would you bungee jump: Never in 1 million years.

Do you have a special talent: I am a grill master, just ask my wife!

Really, what’s your favorite Bible verse: Romans 1:16

Who would you like to have lunch with (besides Jesus): Mattie Montgomery