As winter approaches, our friends at Light To The Nations Ministries begin to think about providing special gifts for our Roma (Gypsy) friends in Romania and Hungary.

2013gypsychristmasroundedcorners400x291For the past several years we have helped to provided “a little extra over and above” our usual support towards gift packages of food for these families. The money goes toward purchasing flour, sugar, rice, macaroni, cooking oil, chicken and also some clothing, toys and special Christmas candy for the kids.

They would like to provide packages for as many families as possible, and some families have 8-10 kids!
Your gift will help bring a lot of joy this Christmas to many needy Roma families.

Please pray about helping make this Christmas a special time for them, and help them get through the long winter season.

You can be a part of the effort by clicking the “Donate” button below, or mark “Gypsy Christmas” by the “Other” line on your offering envelope at Sunday morning services.



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