Facilitated by Cathy D.

For: Ladies 18+
You are welcome at any time to jump in and join us. Know it’s the enemy who would want to keep you isolated. We are here to listen, love, pray, and stand with you!
When: 1st and 3rd Thursdays
Time: 6-8 P.M.
Material: Betrayal & Beyond, Healing for Broken Trust by Diane Roberts

Nine Month Class
Nine Pillars of Healing for Broken Trust

Book One
Pillar of Healing 1: Managing the Crisis
Pillar of Healing 2: Understanding the Nature of Addiction
Pillar of Healing 3: Commitment to Personal Healing

Book Two
Pillar of Healing 4: Trauma’s Undercurrent
Pillar of Healing 5: Codependency
Pillar of Healing 6: Healthy Boundaries

Book Three
Pillar of Healing 7: Grief & Anger
Pillar of Healing 8: Forgiveness
Pillar of Healing 9: Restoring Health & Closeness

Cost is $15/book. We will purchase one book at the start of each section


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