It’s summertime.

summer400x291EVERYONE wants to enjoy the season and the great weather while it’s here! Also with camps, vacations, and trips, not to mention carpools, etc. we’re not always all in the office as much as we are during the rest of the year. It’s just the facts.

But we still want to be available! So if you need to come by the building for some reason or another it might be a good idea to call ahead just to make sure someone is there when you get there. If you’re looking for information or details about an event or activity you can always leave a message and we’ll try to get back to you when we get in, or email us. Most of the staff check our emails even when we’re not “in.”

And obviously, if you need someone or something sooner rather than later, you can always call or text us personally. That’s why we put our numbers in the directory!

Enjoy the sun, the warmth, the green, and all that goes with it. We’ll all be stuck inside soon enough…



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