Pastor Greg HammName:
Greg Hamm

Nicknames: SIR!! Greg, Daddy, “Hey, you with the face…”

How many siblings: Brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world, numerous kilted brethren, biking “bros” wherever there is a twisty stretch of pavement…and one biological sister.

Obsessions: Motorcycles? Kilts? Smarting off irreverently at the least appropriate times?

What’s your favorite Bible verse: 2 Kings 2:23-24

What makes you happy: My family…bacon…raccoon eyes, bugs in my beard, and smelling like exhaust!

What was the last book you read: Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music by Gregory Alan Thornbury, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, Days of Rondo by Evelyn Fairbanks

Last job: Shipping/receiving/assembly–factory

Describe yourself in 3 words: Old, Fat, Bald

Favorite band: The Who

Favorite room in the house: Bathroom…I like indoor plumbing!

Favorite cartoon character: Frumpy the Clown

Half full or half empty: How much does this glass hold?

What was your first car: ’76 Charger…traded my first motorcycle (’78 KZ650B) for it.

Can you juggle: Almost

Were you named after anyone: Greg

What is your favorite lunch meat: Corned beef

Would you bungee jump: Absolutely!

Do you have a special talent: The uncanny ability to smart off and be irreverent at the least appropriate times. Also, an Iron Butt

Really, what’s your favorite Bible verse: Song of Solomon 7:7-9

Who would you like to have lunch with (besides Jesus): My wife…are you buying? We’ll go someplace nice…without a drive-thru!


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