Greg is RVCC’s “Pretty Face at the Front Desk.” He takes care of most of the communications and promoting events, and other “office-y” things. If you, “Contact the church office” it’ll more than likely be him that takes care of you. He does most of the traditional “Church Lady” stuff…but he’s not very lady-like!

He takes his Faith seriously, but not himself so much. He also doesn’t think that taking his faith seriously means it has to be somber and boring. He’s known for wearing kilts, riding motorcycles (although not usually at the same time), participating in the Stillwater Lumberjack Days Downhill Derby, and (hopefully) trying to love his neighbor as himself.

He’s been told he’s not a full-blown nerd, but definitely has tendencies. Greg grew up in Southern Indiana on sci-fi and fantasy, rock-and-roll, and cornbread. Out of high-school he enlisted in the Army, graduated from Oral Roberts University, been a radio DJ, factory worker, a mailman, and rode the back of a garbage truck for half a day as a temp-worker.

Greg loves his wife and two kids more than everything in the world except maybe bacon, and he’d share the last of that with them if they asked nicely.

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