Our Men’s Group, “Unleash the FREAK!” is moving back to the 3rd Saturday mornings for breakfast at 8am!

From the leader of the group Brian H:
“During prayer [over this past summer], we were led to pray that God would draw the hearts of men in RVCC, RVFM, and the valley as a whole to Him. On one of the Wednesday evenings that we were praying that prayer, God showed me that to draw the hearts of men we needed to help them identify, pursue, and live in the passions that He created us with. As I have continued to meditate and seek His direction about this task, I believe there are two components to it:

  • Understanding the General Plan of God for our lives. This is the same for all Christians and requires we understand that God desires and has made a way for us to live victorious, supernatural lives that give Him glory. (Obviously this is living in Freak Mode!!)
  • Understanding the Specific Plan of God for our lives. This is unique for each of us and requires an intimate relationship with God. Through this relationship He can reveal the passions and gifts He has placed within us that will help lead us to His Purpose for our lives.

“As we pursue these two components of God’s Plan for our lives, there is an important cycle that develops:

  1. As we pursue/delight ourselves in God > He reveals the desires that He has placed in our hearts.
  2. As we understand the desires/passions that God has placed within us > We better understand the Purpose God created us to accomplish
  3. As we better understand God’s purpose for our lives and how stinkin’ AMAZING it is > we get excited about God and how AMAZING He is!!
  4. Back to step 1

“The key to this activity is that it draws us to our AMAZING Father!! This is truly the goal of Unleash the Freak. It’s not to get us to desire the power and authority to live victorious, supernatural lives. It’s to understand that this power naturally flows out of an intimate, abiding relationship with our Father.

“God wants us to be passionate about our relationship with Him and this will cause us to live passionate, exciting, joy-filled lives. That’s when the fire in us will start to light a fire in those around us!!”

Join us the 3rd Saturdays of the month at 8am at RVCC-Lake Elmo and Unleash YOUR Freak! Contact the church office with questions.



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